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How to Get Started
Schedule a professional organizing session by either the project undertaken or by the hour. A 3 hour minimum is required and fees are based on an hourly rate.

The Project Time Frame
The time it will take to complete a project can vary based on the size of the area, quantity of contents, client involvement and client decision making. My solutions are customized according to each client’s needs. I can only give you an estimated time of completion once I complete an on-site assessment.

The Initial Consultation
The first consultation is complimentary and takes about 1 hour. This face-to-face meeting gets us acquainted, gives me the opportunity to assess all the areas in need of organization and to discuss your goals at length. I typically ask many questions to understand your needs and wants. We will discuss which routines work and those that do not. After evaluating the areas in your home, we will begin to design an action plan to organize specific areas based on your priorities. You are under no obligation to services being offered.

Organizing Sessions
The organizing process consists of the following: redefining and maximizing space; sorting; purging; categorizing; storing; labeling; selecting and shopping for supplies. I typically shop for products/supplies needed if the client requests this service, or the client may purchase them on their own. Incurred purchases of any products/supplies are paid by the client. Throughout organizing sessions, I will ask for frequent feedback to ensure you are in agreement with the organizing solutions. Working together is essential so that my clients learn important organizing skills to be successful in maintaining an organized home.

Concerning Your Possession
You will make the final decision on whether to keep or toss your possessions. As an organizer, I work with you to identify what is important to you then I help you make decisions that will meet your organizational goals.

After the Intervention
Once our goals are achieved, all is in order and organized, I will make sure you can function in your space. The key to maintaining an organized home can be simplified when we find a proper place for everything and implement new routines. Once the chaos is eliminated and possessions are in their rightful place in your home, you will gain clarity and your life will be more manageable.

Areas of Service
Houston and the surrounding area.

Flexible Work Hours
Weekdays, evenings, and weekend appointments are available.

To get started, call or send an email for a complimentary personalized one-on-one consultation. 832-265-0325 or

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