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Time Management.

Set up a space where you manage your household affairs and life effectively. This particular place should be accessible to everyone in your household. Your life management center as I like to call it should have a phone, a good size working area and some wall space to post information.

This life management center will serve as a place for mail, paying bills, and current files, list of schedules, and chores that need to be done. A good location for your life management center could be in the kitchen, home office, or a spot near a main door.

Utilize a planner/organizer as your mobile life management center to get your life under control. Eliminate all the scraps of paper scattered around your house, purse and pockets. All important information needed should be in one place to save time and energy. Select a planner that is portable and can accommodate your daily routines. Make sure planner includes the following basic features:

• Refillable
• Calendar pages by monthly view for appointments, events and holidays
• Calendar pages by weekly or daily view for To-Do lists
• Master list a “catch all” To- Do list for all your ideas, tasks you want to do or need to get done in no particular order. A Master List helps you decide what tasks are important and a priority. Once prioritized, you can transfer the tasks that need immediate attention to your daily To-Do list.
• Extra features you find useful such as phone numbers/addresses, expenses, gift and shopping lists, family information, etc.

For computer savvy individuals, an electronic planner/organizer may be a better solution or fit.

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